I Just Might Become “Queen of Reuse”!

The Right CottageDesigning The Right Cottage has given me a whole new perspective on “reuse”. Because I am bound and determined that this project is going to be affordable (not just because the cost is coming out of my pocket but because I want to prove it can be done), I’m on a quest for “previously loved” building materials and interior items.

I’m no stranger to our local interior consignment shops and furniture auctions; I have been advocating their use to my clients for some time now as a way to find really amazing items CHEAP.  For this project, I have found myself (almost daily) perusing the numerous interior consignment shops looking at furniture, art  and accessories. And I have most definitely hit the jack pot! (Don’t worry; I will share my finds with you in a later post as it all comes together.)

As for building materials, salvage yards (Sarasota Architectural Salvage being my very favorite) are chockfull of salvaged building materials that will work beautifully in The Right Cottage. There are choices for flooring, ceiling or wall surfacing as well as any number of other items to consider.

Such places as Habitat for Humanity Reuse Center  also have a number of items to offer this project for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Yes, reuse is definitely a “green” strategy that can make your project truly affordable. It does take a keen eye and a fair amount of patience to spot the materials and interior items that will lend themselves to the design aesthetic we’re looking for.  But, hey, The “Queen of Reuse” is getting pretty good at this! And I’m having such fun!

– Connie Allegra, ASID

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