Being A Thrifty Designer: Interior Design on a Budget

I found this Industrial Table at my favorite Consignment Shop.
I found this Industrial Table at my favorite Consignment Shop.

Much to the amazement of some people who have worked with Interior Designers, I do not look upon my job as an opportunity to spend ALL of my client’s money making their home a glitzy showplace. I see my role as creating spaces that are functional, liveable, comfortable, and stylish – in a fiscally responsible way. I actually find great satisfaction in achieving spectacular results on a budget.

Here are some ways to create great design on a budget:
· Being creative in the use of lower cost materials. For example: Add interest to floors with the use of less expensive porcelain tile in interesting patterns instead of stone flooring
· Finding the right location for existing design elements within the space. For example: Rearrange existing furniture, art and accessories to create more interest and harmony.
·    Shopping at consignment furniture stores, auction houses and salvage warehouses. Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by shopping smart. Choose pieces with quality, style and value. (Oh, the pleasure of finding something special at really discounted prices!)

Now, for the client who wants a showplace with only the best and most expensive finishes and furniture, yes… I can do that too, if you insist.

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