Remodeling…It’s The New Black

Okay, that headline makes no sense. But, you know what I mean, right? In this time of economic uncertainty, not everyone is in a position to buy or build a new home. Remodeling has taken on new importance for the workers in our construction-driven community and for homeowners looking to change their “digs”.

Remodeling is really a great alternative to a new home. So, what are you thinking? A new kitchen, a new bath, add a second floor above the garage and give the kids a game room? The possibilities are endless.

Here's the "After" photo of a simple bath remodel. Made a big difference
Here’s the “After” photo of a simple bath remodel. Made a big difference

But from a design perspective, here’s a word of caution: Don’t rely on your own good design instincts or those of your well qualified building contractor to design your new space. For a few well spent dollars, an interior designer (and an architect, if your project involves structural changes) will provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and design savvy that will pay off in big dividends.

Before the remodel, this vanity screams "Help!".
Before the remodel, this vanity screams “Help!”.

Choosing a qualified, reliable contractor is an important decision in your remodeling project, but don’t confuse the job of the contractor with that of an architect or designer. Contractors know their stuff – building codes, zoning issues, sound construction practices. They are experts at finding qualified subs and running a tight job that is on budget and on time. (Well, that’s another issue.)

Anyway, the point is that contractors know their job, but hiring a design professional will undoubtedly give you a better overall result – spaces that function better, look better and feel better.

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