Bathroom Lighting – When will the Builders get it right?

I am still amazed at how many “Premier” builders utilize poor lighting design in their models (and, of course, in the homes they build for their customers). One of the basic rules (and I do mean BASIC) of lighting design is: In order to avoid creating shadows, place light fixtures to the side or above the mirror. Never put the light in the ceiling above the vanity. It’s a simple concept.

Here are 2 photos of a luxury model home I visited recently. This “custom builder” went all-out to design these guest bath rooms – quality cabinetry, nicely decorated. Terrible lighting design! How hard would it have been to put an interesting fixture above the mirror instead of the cheap recessed light they used? Don’t settle for this from your builder. Demand good design.

Poor Bathroom Lighting Design #2 Poor lighting design at model home

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