The Right Cottage – Multigenerational Living

The Right CottageBecause the idea for The Right Cottage was born out of the desire to provide my soon-to-be grown children with an option for an affordable and comfortable living arrangement, I think it’s important to explore the growing trend of multigenerational living.

Although the concept technically seems to be defined as living arrangements that involve 3 or more generations, we can also view it (I would think) in the context of older children (over the age of 18 to 22) who have chosen to continue living with their parents. Whether it  be for financial reasons or simply because the family is truly close and enjoys living as one, this practice is definitely becoming more pervasive in our country. Elderly parents living with their grown children has also grown significantly in recent years as well.

While this blending of generations is standard procedure in other cultures, it is fairly new in America where we have typically exhibited an independent mentality resulting in young people leaving home at an early age and making their own way in life separated from the core family.

There are certainly many and varied uses for The Right Cottage, including the one near and dear to my heart as well as using it as an artist studio, guest suite or home office. I, for one, am looking forward to a life surrounded by my children for many years to come. And when the cottage is no longer occupied by the kids, I will certainly enjoy making use of the space for some other creative purpose.

Here are a few websites that discuss multigenerational living. I’m sure you will also have no trouble using your favorite search engine to discover additional resources on this topic.

Check out the blog for The Right Cottage!

Multigenerational Living – Star Tribune 11/20/08

More Houses are Being Built for Multigenerational Living – Seattle Times 4/27/07

Multigenerational Houses On Rise – CBS News 8/11/09




    We’re rounding out our 3rd year of multigenerational living – and so far so good. We kept our same living space but had to repurpose a lot of rooms. It was a lot of work but totally worth it!

    -K of IAFN

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